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‘Voting means you’re crazy’: violence and fraud overshadow Afghanistan poll

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The Guardian, 22 September 2019

A primer by Emma Harrison on the 28 September presidential election in Afghanistan, saying “turnout almost certain to be dented by security worries and disillusionment, many analysts fear that this re-run of the 2014 contest will produce a repeat of its disputed and fraud-damaged results.”

AAN’s Ali Yawar Adili is quoted on this:

“I think [a repeat of 2104 results] is likely and it would have really dire consequences for Afghanistan, especially since this election is intended to showcase the continuation of democratic processes and institutions in negotiations with the Taliban,” said Ali Yawar Adili of the Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN). “President Ghani himself has said the election is a litmus test for the continuation of the republic.”

… and on the unreliable data basis:

“Even the Independent Electoral Commissiondoes not know the exact number of polling centres that should be open on election day due to security. They should be approved by the security agencies, and the number given to the IEC has been questioned by the IEC,” said AAN’s Adili. “If some of these stations open in areas that are insecure and are not accessible to observers, then there could be ballot-stuffing.”