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Violence is so bad in parts of Afghanistan that Red Cross clinics are shutting their doors

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Washington Post, 26 October 2017

On this article about the ICRC forced to wind down its activities in Afghanistan by worsening security, AAN’s Obaid Ali is quoted:

… smaller renegade groups — some of whom claim affiliation with the Islamic State — have taken hold in areas not under firm control of the government or the Taliban. Those groups are behind many of the aid worker abductions and the attacks on medical facilities, said Obaid Ali, a director with the Afghan [sic] Analysts Network, who focuses on security issues in the north. 

“They are small groups who work under their own flag, and in many cases, they refuse to obey Taliban rule and honor local culture,” Ali said. In the case of abductions, “it’s really hard, and it’s really dangerous to approach these people and discuss terms with them.”