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US-Teilabzug aus Afghanistan: Keine Politik, nur noch Ressentiment

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Tageszeitung, 24 December 2018

Op-ed commentary by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig in the Berlin daily, about the purported Trump decision on a partial US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan:

“First, the withdrawal from the Kurdish areas of Syria where the Kurds will be thrown to the wolves of Assad and Erdogan, and now Afghanistan. (…) It doesn’t happen for the first time: (…) The Afghans have already been left on their own by the whole West after the withdrawal of the then Soviet invaders in 1989. (…) Politically and strategically, a partial withdrawal now fits at all. After all,  Trump just sent a special envoy to negotiated an end to the war with the Taleban and – after it! – a withdrawal. This way, Trump clearly weakens his own position and that of his Kabul allies/clients. This is no policy, just resentment. One is reminded of his pre-election tweets on Afghanistan (…).