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UK’s plans for Afghan resettlement ‘too vague and limited’

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The National, 14 September 2021

The Dubai-based daily quotes AAN’s Kate Clark on the dire economic and aid situation in now again Taleban-ruled Afghanistan:

A journalist, Kate Clark, warned of an “impending humanitarian catastrophe” if the supply of foreign aid is cut off.“Afghanistan is a country that has relied heavily on foreign income and aid … which has all gone in at the stroke of a pen,” said Ms Clark of the Afghanistan Analysts Network.

A former BBC correspondent in Afghanistan, Ms Clark said the newly appointed Taliban government would not be able to carry on “business as usual”.


Ms Clark told the committee that the sum would not “cover what has been lost” given the “scale of money that used to go into the country” during the 20-year presence of foreign military.

“If [we] don’t give money then people will die but if you do give money then you’re helping [the] Taliban regime survive,” she said.