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U.S. Troops Still Battling Islamic State near Site of Afghan Bomb Strike

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Florida Daily Post, 14 May 2017

Article on the aftermath of the MOAB on Achin, quotes AAN’s Kate Clark:

Residents in Achin district say that they knew of no civilians still living voluntarily in the areas near the Islamic State stronghold, but it is still not clear if other non-combatants may have been involved.

“The people who’d normally be talking have fled, and there have been very few reports from inside Islamic State territory,” said Kate Clark, a senior researcher for the Afghan [sic] Analysts Network. “The jury’s still out on many things with this strike.”

Some local residents suggested there may have been prisoners held in the tunnel complex, she added, but the area has been something of an information black hole since Islamic State militants were first confirmed there in 2015.