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U.S. denies civilian deaths in recent Afghanistan airstrikes, but locals claim otherwise

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Think Progress, 7 November 2017

This article – by Ali Latifi – has several quotes from AAN’s Obaid Ali:

“For the last year, there have been so many operations and attacks on the ground and in the sky in Kunduz,” said Obaid Ali, an analyst at the Kabul-based Afghanistan Analysts Network. (…)

Ali said locals have reported sightings of U.S. forces engaging in the fighting themselves, a phenomenon which seems to go against the current mandate for foreign troops, who are meant to be serving only as trainers and advisers to the Afghan National Security Forces. (…)

Ali, the analyst, said these reports forced Washington into areas it largely left alone in the past.

“Before the Russia allegations, neither the U.S. nor the Germans really did much in areas like Chardara. Previously, there were reports of hundreds of Taliban leaders gathering for meetings in Chardara, but nothing would happen to them,” Ali told ThinkProgress. (…)

The central government has little direct access to the site and locals may be too afraid to talk to the media, said Ali.

Further, Ali said, the Taliban could intimidate civilians in Chardara to alter their accounts of what transpired.