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U.S. airstrikes rise sharply in Afghanistan — and so do civilian deaths

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Los Angeles Times, 4 December 2017

This article tells the story of civilian casualties causes by an US airstrike in Nangrahar province – which is denied by the US military – and looks at current trends in the US air war in Afghanistan. AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted about that:

“The U.S. military is becoming less transparent, and it’s a pity because they had worked really hard — and succeeded — in reducing civilian casualties,” said Kate Clark, co-director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, a Kabul-based research organization. (…)

Although public outrage over civilian casualties has softened, Clark said they continue to serve as a propaganda tool for extremists.

“The basic parameters of the war haven’t changed: If you’re killing civilians, it’s going to be problematic,” Clark said. “The bullish U.S. approach, taking the gloves off, that’s all very well, but if there are more dead civilians you’re not going to be better off politically or militarily.”