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Turkey offers help securing Afghan airport, but has Erdogan bitten off more than he can chew?

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France 24, 14 July 2021

AAN’s Ali Yawar Adili is quoted by France’s public international broadcaster here:

The Turkish airport proposal has been circulating in Afghanistan policy circles for months and the Taliban’s latest warning came as no surprise to most analysts.

“It’s not unexpected for the Taliban to react like this to the news of the agreement between the US and Turkey. For the Taliban, this means it’s an extension of the international military operation that started in late 2001,” said Ali Adili, researcher and country director of the Kabul-based Afghanistan Analysts Network. “The Taliban’s aim for the time being is for all international actors to get out of Afghanistan. Their ultimate aim would be to take Kabul, perhaps militarily and not as a part of a negotiated settlement.”