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Trusts [sic] in harmony seem, by all accounts, to be sneaking away in Afghanistan

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Pajhwok News Agency, 17 May 2020

This opinion piece by the Kabul-based news agency quotes AAN’s Kate Clark:

“The Taliban have created an enabling environment for this kind of attack. If they had agreed a ceasefire it would be much harder for any group to carry out this kind of attack,” said Kate Clark, co-executive of the Afghanistan Analysts Network. “What the Taliban does (with attacks nationwide), takes up the bandwidth of the security services. Also the general insecurity is a sea in which other [militant] groups swim.”

Clark included that Taliban knowledge was moderately solid, and had they decided to quit battling and centre consideration on forestalling assaults, they may have had the option to fight off viciousness arranged by another gathering. (…)

“One question that has hung over the process from the start is whether the Taliban had serious intent to talk, and I just don’t think we have seen that,” Clark said. “My fear all along was that there wasn’t really a plan B in Washington, for what happens if the Taliban don’t really want to talk.”