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The Pakistan link to the ISKP Moscow terror attack

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Business Post, 2 April 2024

In a background article about the IS outfit that claimed responsibility for the terrorist concert hall attack near Moscow, the Bangladeshi newspaper quotes from AAN earlier research, via Twitter/X:

(…) In the interview, circulated on Twitter by the Afghanistan Analysts Network, Muslimdost said that initially (in 2015) the Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (LeT) had provided 50 lakh Pakistani rupees to the ISKP.

When asked how the fact that the ISKP received money from Pakistan was compatible with the fact that the terrorist group attacked the Pakistani Embassy in Kabul on 9 December 2022, Muslimdost said it was a false flag attack, “theatre” aimed precisely at denying rumours that the group was supported by Pakistan.

Muslimdost said, “The Pak Embassy attack in Kabul was just a #Drama. Nothing happened to the Ambassador. Just a bodyguard was injured.” Muslimdost was a prominent member of the ISKP, a branch of the Islamic State (Daesh) active in Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Myanmar, until 2015, when he dissociated himself from the organisation. In fact, he was one of its founders.