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The Aftermath of Two Attacks

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Inside Higher Ed (website), 10 October 2016

Report on the aftermath of the recent attack on the American University of Afghanistan and the abduction of two of its professors, quotes a recent dispatch by AAN’s Borhan Osman. The dispatch discussed the Taleban’s inner dynamics with regard to the attack and the fact that it wasn’t claimed.

The report quotes:

That said, an analysis published last month by the Afghanistan Analysts Network, a nonprofit research organization, observes that school attacks have been confined to rural areas and takes note of the Taliban’s “officially more tolerant position vis-à-vis educational institutions in recent years.” In principle, the article notes, the Taliban considers educational institutions “off-limits” for attacks.

The analysis by Borhan Osman describes the attack on AUAF as “unprecedented in many respects. For the first time, a ‘complex attack’ — often reserved for high-profile and well-guarded targets — hit an educational institution. It also came in the wake of an ideological campaign by circles in the Taliban movement that had demonized the American University Afghanistan as a center of hostile ‘Western’ efforts.”