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Taliban Were Authorized to Talk, Afghan Envoys Say

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New York Times, 9 July 2015

AAN’s Borhan Osman is quoted in Mujib Mashal’s article:

“The Pakistani military, which has sheltered the Taliban’s leadership for years, redoubled its pressure on the insurgents to come to the table. As a result, some Taliban commanders began fleeing Pakistan, said Borhan Osman, a researcher at the Afghan Analysts Network who has written extensively about the insurgency.

That reaction, coupled with the Qatar office’s public disagreement with the Murree meeting, made him ‘think twice,’ Mr. Osman said, about the claim that Mr. Mansour had given permission to the Taliban negotiators.

‘Especially if the Qatar office has been accountable to Akhtar Muhammad Mansour himself, you can’t imagine a contradiction between the two,’ Mr. Osman said.

‘The most plausible scenario is that Pakistan brought the best they could offer — these are the guys that Taliban cannot deny,’ he continued. ‘But whether they have the blessing of the leadership, that is the question.’”