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Taliban vows to take the battle to Kabul

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The Australian, 19 April 2016

AAN’s Thomas Ruttig quoted here:

Thomas Ruttig of Afghan [sic] Analysts Network told The Australian that since 2009, the “intensity” of the conflict in Afghanistan was getting worse. In just the first three months of this year, 1943 civilian casualties had been recorded, including 600 deaths.

“I had a message from a friend, who was quite close to the explosion with his young son,” he said. “There are many schools in the area and there was enormous panic as parents rushed to the scene to make sure their kids were OK. It was a massive explosion.

“I am afraid it is just another, in a long line of similar attacks. The reason the Taliban attack Kabul is that they want the publicity, to show they can easily pull off such attacks and strike terror.”

He said Afghan security forces were locked in a bloody stalemate with the Taliban, pointing to the need for a negotiated political ­solution.