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Taliban launches spring offensive even as Afghan peace talks ongoing

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The National, 22 April 2019

A quote from AAN’s Thomas Ruttig in the UAE-based daily, pointing out that the Taleban are not the only party to the conflict escalating the military conflict:

According to Thomas Ruttig, co-director of Afghanistan Analysts Network, the onus of the sustained fighting also falls on foreign and Afghan forces.

“The US and Afghan forces have intensified air strikes, night raids and house searches, which proves this is the same logic that has been ruling the conflict for a decade – that the parties to the war find talking and fighting is possible at the same time, and that military progress might strengthen their position if it comes to negotiations,” he told The National. (…)

Meanwhile, the prospect of an actual ceasefire has dimmed. Analysts also predict a violent year ahead, and urge all sides to reduce casualties.

“The government and the US could go for a unilateral ceasefire and declare they will only react when attacked. This could possibly freeze the situation,” Mr Ruttig suggested.