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Taliban Get A New Leader, Who’s Just As Violent As The Old One

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NPR, 6 June 2016

In this article about the new Taleban leader on the website of US national public radio, AAN is quoted twice (with links to our website), on the Taleban’s (un-willingness) to negotiate with the Afghan government and on the (not yet finished) peace deal between the Afghan government and Hezb-e Islami:

Part of the Taliban’s resistance to talks, writes Borhan Osman of the Kabul-based Afghanistan Analysts Network, is this: “The Taliban have consistently considered the U.S. as their main opponent in the conflict and refused to take Afghan government offers of talks seriously.” (…)  The new Taliban leader comes from the traditional Taliban heartland in southern Afghanistan. He’s best known as a cleric and jurist, “passionate about Islamic justice,” responsible for issuing fatwas — many of them justifying the Taliban’s past violent acts. (…)

“The government and some of its international allies also seem to hope that the agreement [with hezb] could serve as a possible blueprint for a desired peace accord with the Taliban,” write Thomas Ruttig and Martine van Bijlert of the Afghanistan Analysts Network. “But this seems overly optimistic.”