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Taliban deal the ‘best hope for peace’ in Afghanistan, says chief executive

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ABC News, 15 May 2016

AAN’s Thomas Ruttig quoted with comments on CEO Dr Abdullah#s statement that the Afghan government remains willing to negotiate a peace deal with the Taleban:

Thomas Ruttig, the co-director of the Afghan Analysts network, said the ongoing deadlock had proven deadly for Afghanistan’s people.

“At the moment there’s a stalemate, it’s a very hurting stalemate,” he said.

According to the UN, last year a record 11,000 were killed or injured in Afghanistan.

But Mr Ruttig said both sides’ “recent escalation of fighting does not mean they’re unwilling to talk, eventually”.

“This might mean that they want to start negotiations at some point from a position of strength, which of course is a logical, although for the Afghan civilian population a very brutal approach,” he said.


Mr Ruttig said while that would allow the Government to claim a negotiating victory, Hezb-i-Islami’s limited reach means it would not stop Afghanistan’s escalating violence.

He said that he believes despite the public impressions, with effective behind-the-scenes communication there was still scope for talks with the Taliban.

“I would not exclude that the Taliban would come to the decision to enter into talks, feelers are always out on both sides without both sides saying so,” he said.