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Taliban attacks intensify in bid to upend Afghan presidential vote

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Christian Science Monitor/Alaska Dispatch, 28 March 2014

Following a wave of Taleban violence against election-related institutions and foreigners in Kabul, AAN's Fabrizio Foschini is quotes here with his analysis:

“For the Taliban, the main hope is violence,” says Fabrizio Foschini, an Afghanistan politics expert with the Afghanistan Analysts Network in Kabul. “The only game-changer for them [is] unrest, protest, a prolonged state of institutional crisis which originates from a completely messed up election. Right now the blackest cloud is insecurity, and the possibility that big attacks really mar whatever achievements these elections could bring.”

That is a change from much of the previous year, when popular fears focused on fraud worries and concerns that some government scheme would postpone the vote, says Foschini. Instead, as the recent violence shows, the threat has come from the insurgency, in contrast to failed past efforts by the Taliban to disrupt elections. “We can probably take the Taliban claim as realistic: There is the will to put a lot of effort that the insurgency can put up in targeting these high-profile areas,” says Foschini.


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