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Taleban i global offensiv: Vi vil stene kvinder offentligt, vi vil piske kvinder offentligt

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Politiken, 3 April 2024

In this article of Danish daily Politiken, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted on a statement by the Taleban’s supreme leader that he will fight to spread Islamic Sharia, that “our war with the West is not over”, putting the Taliban’s values against democratic values and defending sharia punishments like stoning that some interpreted as a threat against the West.

Thomas Ruttig, co-founder of the independent think tank Afghanistan Analysts Network, tells Politiken that the Taliban leader’s announcement is not a threat, but a declaration of political values.

“I do not interpret the Taliban leader’s statements as a threat to the West. It is a political statement of fundamentally conflicting values. The Taliban themselves believe that they are threatened by the West, especially because they are not diplomatically recognized as Afghanistan’s real rulers, and because the West – and many Afghans – stand firm on the rights of the individual.