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Tajikistan Uses Laws to Crush Islamist Opposition

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The Diplomat, 10 July 2015

Katherine Putz, reporting on the de facto (if not yet de jure) closing down of Tajikistan’s only significant opposition party and Central Asia’s only legal Islamist party, quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig when he reported from Tajikistan in 2014 for AAN:

“[Helene] Thibault’s [from Registan blog] conclusion, that ‘Islamic radicalism does not threaten stability in Tajikistan; it is rather the absence of legitimate channels to express discontent as well as the authorities’ failure to compromise,’ that is the true source of danger, is similar to Thomas Ruttig’s 2013 conclusion that ‘What haunts Tajikistan in the current situation is less a threatening “Islamic factor” than the authoritarian factor.’”