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Swedish journalist Nils Horner murdered execution-style in Kabul

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The Independent, 11 March 2014

Reportng the assassination of a Swedish-British journalist in central Kabul this morning, AAN's Kate Clark is quoted.

"Kate Clark of the Kabul-based think-tank, Afghanistan Analysts Network, said it was too early to say if there is a trend for targeting westerners in the city, since the attack was unique and the Taliban had not claimed responsibility. She said: 'I think it’s an unprecedented case, someone being killed like this in broad daylight in Kabul. Not out on the margins of the city, but in the heart of the city.' She said the Taliban denial should not necessarily be taken at face value but that the killing was out of keeping with their usual strategies. 'The way he was killed with a gun with a silencer is not Taliban tactics,' she said. 'It may not have been to do with him, it may have been a mistaken identity. He would have been a very strange Taliban target.'”


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