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Smooth Afghan election raises questions about Taliban’s strength

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Reuters, 6 April 2014

Debating the reasons for the unexpectedly strong turn-out of voters in the 5 April Afghan elections, the news agency quotes AAN's Borhan Osman:

Borhan Osman of the independent Afghan Analysts Network argues that for now the insurgency does not appear to be winning, though the Taliban might argue it has already exhausted the United States' will to fight.

In a report published late last month Osman wrote that support for the Taliban was fading in regions where they had previously counted on help from villagers, and they appeared to lack the strength to besiege major towns or engage in frontal battles.

"So far, they have rather focused efforts on hit-and-run attacks, among other asymmetric tactics, which can bleed the enemy but usually not enough to knock it down," Osman said.


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