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Rural Afghan Women Fear Loss of Rights in Peace Deal / پژوهش: زنان روستایی نگران آیندۀ پسا صلح با طالبان استند

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ToloNews, 8 July 2021

The leading Afghan news website reports AAN’s latest special report, ‘Between Hope and Fear. Rural Afghan women talk about peace and war’ and quotes Kabul colleague Khadija Hussaini who contributed, on both its English and Dari language website, saying:

AAN findings indicate that the women in remote regions of Afghanistan have a clear vision for peace, but they are concerned about a possible imposition of restrictions on the women as a result of a peace agreement with the Taliban.

These women have said that peace brings security, but it should not deprive women of their basic rights.

According to the report, several women mentioned that they hoped peace would give women and girls more access to their rights, including the right to education, employment and to choose whom they marry.

“I talked to a woman in Daikundi, she had never seen the Taliban and does not know what the takeover of the region by the Taliban means, but she was scared of the Taliban from what she has heard of the Taliban, and she feels fear that she would not be able to work alongside her husband in the field,” said Khadija Hussaini, a member of AAN.

“Others hoped they would be better positioned to help their neighbors and communities, that peace would afford them the possibility to plan and look ahead, have more energy and patience to take care of their homes and children and improve their relationships with the men in their households. Almost all imagined that the absence of the noise and news of war would allow them to be less anxious, maybe even happy,” the report said.

“The women in the villages, whether they lived under the control of the Taliban or not, have a clear vision for their future,” said Khadija Hussaini, member of AAN.