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Regime-Wechsel bei den Taliban

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Frankfurter Rundschau, 3 August 2015

Op-ed by Thomas Ruttig on the change at the Taleban top from Mulla Omar to Mulla Mansur, including a rendering of his meeting with the former in late 2000 as a UN political officer about an attempt to start peace talks. Thomas analyses how the Taleban have worked under Mulla Omar internally, before and after 2001 – by him delegating most issues – allowing the current Taleban leadership to conceal his death for years. This fact, he adds, however, also flags that Mansur has effectively, and – from their point of view – successfuly – run the Taleban movement for years. But with formidable foes opposing his official ascent, the power struggle is not over yet.

Thomans concludes that active attempts to split the Taleban might lead to disaster, as it might conceive ultra-radical groups that would be able to spoil any peace agreement in the future.