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President Ghani fosters hope with strong start

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Khaama Press (Kabul), 27 November 2014

Long quotes from AAN’s Country Director Kate Clark in this article reviewing the start of the Ghani-Abdullah administration:

“He started with a lot of energy and apparent determination and with a strong focus on reform, on rooting out corruption. So he reopened the investigation into the Kabul Bank scandal when millions of dollars were allegedly taken by dozens of members of the Afghan elite from a leading Kabul bank, it nearly ruined the economy here,” Kate Clark of Afghan [sic] Analyst [sic] Network said.

[…] Kate Clark from Afghan Analyst Network said “Now some of these are clearly, well I would say are probably urban myths. There was one very early going around that he visited a bakery and told the baker off for making the bread too light. So that was one. Others have appeared to be stories but have indeed turned out to be true. So visits to police stations, hospitals, and prisons. And this, at least it seems to have gone down well with people, it’s in a tradition of what Afghan leaders are supposed to do, to sort of stand up for the people against the state.”

[…] According to Clark “There is a limited amount to what he can actually do until he has formed a government with Doctor Abdullah, who was the runner up in the election.
Basically they need to sort out the government, they need to appoint ministers, governors, possibly police chiefs – we don’t know, Supreme Court. I mean there is a lot of major appointments to be made that will basically show everyone the direction of the new government. And of course there is controversy about who gets what seats.”