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Peace, Politics, & Afghanistan’s Next President

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The Diplomat, 5 February 2019

Ali Adili, a researcher with the Afghanistan Analysts Network, an independent think tank, says that developments in the peace talks would not result in holding elections, but rather the establishment of a caretaker government.

“There is uncertainty,” Adili adds. “The peace talks and calls for reform of the electoral bodies of the country increase uncertainty.” (…)

“Political parties and the government think that IEC cannot hold the upcoming presidential election,” says Adili. “They all call for the reform within the IEC.”

But there is no agreement as yet over how to reform the IEC. According to Adili, political parties have discussed three options: a selection committee calls for applicants and submits a shortlist of candidates to the president; Ghani appoints new commissioners for the IEC in consultation with political parties and candidates; management of the election is outsourced to a private company.

Politicians “might see the reform as a way to increase their influences over the commissions,” Adili emphasizes. “It damages the process of reform, which may last longer than expected.” Adili concludes that the calls for reform may instead turn into a new battlefield between various factions.