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Pakistan ‘will allow Afghan officials to meet key Taliban leader’

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The Telegraph, 30 October 2013

In an article on the trilateral Afghan-Pakistani-UK meeting in London, AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted:

“However, after three years in captivity it is unclear whether Mullah Baradar still retains influence over the movement and whether his allegiances may have shifted, according to a recent analysis by Kate Clark of the Afghan Analysts Network.

‘On the face of it, Pakistan has given the Afghan government what it has long asked for, but their release of Baradar could just as well be an attempt to regain control and reinsert Pakistan into the heart of any negotiations,’ she wrote at the time of his release.

‘Islamabad might see Baradar as a trump card who could be used to subvert any “peace process”, rather than kick start it.’”


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