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NSA und Afghanistan: Die tödlichen Folgen der Datensammelei (print only)

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Wochenzeitung (Zurich), 8 August 2013
When the government in Berlin had to answer questions about its cooperation with the US in the data collection operations of the NSA, its intelligence service, the BND, revealed that two listening installations in Bavaria are linked to “telecommunications intelligence gathering in Afghanistan”. When AAN’s Kate Clark reported in 2011about a targeted killing in Takhar gone wrong, due to faulty ‘signal intelligence” a year earlier, during the presidential election campaign, she mentioned that those who had initiated the attack “had used network analysis of the phone calls made by [a] senior Taleban commander” whose data was “then mixed up” with the final, innocent victim. AAN’s Thomas Ruttig, in this article, asks whether there might be a link between NSA installations like the ones in Germany and kill-and-capture operations in Afghanistan and talks about target lists and the secret Task Force 373 (in German, not online yet).