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Mullah Omar’s death: Will it make a difference in Afghan conflict?

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Christian Science Monitor, 30 July 2015

In this analysis repercussions of Mullah Omar’s death, also looking back at early failures of the US, an earlier AAN report by Anand Gopal is quoted, that in the immediate aftermath of the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001,

“[t]hese leading Taliban members [as well as the rank and file] did not appear to view the government and its foreign backers as necessitating a 1980s-type jihad. Some members even saw the new government as Islamic and legitimate,”  wrote Anand Gopal in a report for the Afghanistan Analysts Network.

Gopal writes that Mullah Omar even gave his senior commanders permission to put down their weapons. But the Karzai government spurned the offer, largely due to pressure from the US and the Taliban’s long-time enemy, the Northern Alliance. In the years that followed, the Taliban experienced alienation and harassment that fueled their resurgence, a chain of events Gopal details in his recent book No Good Men Among the Living.