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‘Mother of all bombs’ killed 36 Islamic State fighters, Afghan officials say

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Stars and Stripes, 14 April 2017

AAN’s Martine van Bijlert was quoted commenting on the US’ use of a Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb against a Dash base in Achin, Nangarhar:

Questions have emerged about whether, because of the group’s size and limited penetration in Afghanistan, the strike was overkill. The ISIS offshoot, known as Islamic State-Khorasan Province, has fewer than 1,000 fighters and is confined to a single province.

“The threat posed by ISIS in Afghanistan just doesn’t seem that large that you would unleash whatever you had against them,” said Martine van Bijlert, co-director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network.

Van Bijlert, of Afghanistan Analysts Network, said that while the Khoresan Province group uses Islamic State’s name, it is more a collection of local fighters than part of a wider global movement. … “There is, of course, concern because of how ISIS was sweeping through Iraq and Syria, but it never reached that kind of momentum in Afghanistan,” she said.