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Misery and disease conquer Afghanistan a year into Taliban rule

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AFP/France24, 10 August 2022

AAN’s Roxanna Shapour is quoted here on the issue of how to support the Afghan population and not strengthening the Taleban regime:

Over the past year, would-be donors have grappled with the conundrum of funnelling fresh funding to the ailing nation, which the Taliban rebranded the “Islamic Emirate” in line with their austere theocratic beliefs.

“How do you provide assistance in a country where you don’t recognise the government?” asked Roxanna Shapour of the Afghanistan Analysts Network. (…)

“If you go in and say, ‘I’m going to pay all teacher salaries’, that’s great. But then what will the Taliban do with the money they save from not having to pay teacher salaries?” asked Shapour.