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Loya Jirga To Decide Whether U.S. Troops Stay Or Go

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Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 20 November 2013

AAN’s Thomas Ruttig gives some backgriund on the institution Loya Jirga in Afghanistan:

According to Thomas Ruttig, co-director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, an independent research organization in Kabul, Karzai needs consensus, or at least the appearance of consensus, to ratify the controversial agreement.

“Loya Jirgas are seen amongst Afghans as the reflection of the will of the Afghan nation,” he says. “President Karzai, of course, needs support if he wants to have an agreement with the U.S. We have seen, of late, that there is a lot of opposition to it.” …

In Ruttig’s view, a deal would also have staying power because the Loya Jirga’s decision could not be easily revoked by the next Afghan administration after the country’s presidential election in April.

“Since the Loya Jirga, according to the Afghan Constitution, is the embodiment of the highest will of the Afghan nation, it will be very difficult for the next parliament, or even the existing parliament, to undo it,” he says.


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