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Last Tango in Kabul

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Rolling Stone, 18 August 2014

Matthieu Aikins looking at how life has been developing for expats, and mainly journalists, in Kabul and how the are influenced by a string of killings. It has quotes from two AAN people, Kate Clark and Borhan Osman:

“It’s very easy to kill foreign civilians in Kabul,” says Kate Clark, country director for the Afghanistan Analysts Network, a Kabul-based research organization. “There are enough of us around and about that don’t live in fortresslike embassies. That possibility has always been there and they’ve never pursued it. It’s the nuclear option because you can’t come back from that and expect to be treated as any sort of legitimate group. There’s always been a measure of pragmatism in the Taliban, a desire not to push the nuclear button by committing the kinds of attacks you see with Pakistan, Syria or Iraq.”

(…) Borhan’s is about the group, Fedai Mahaz, that claimed to have killed a Swedish journalist:

“They jump to claim incidents without really having a battlefield presence, or providing supporting details,” says Borhan Osman, a Kabul-based researcher who studies the insurgency. “They’re obsessed with publicity.”

The article also has a statement by a Taleban spokesman that “the invasion is not only military, it has a civilian aspect. The people who are from the invading countries and work as civilians here are also targets. … All their places, whether hotels, guesthouses or offices, they will be attacked. They are part of our plan, and we will target and kill them.”