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[Kunduz:] Ein doppelter Erfolg für die Taliban

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Wochenzeitung, 21 October 2015

Op-ed commentary by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig about the two-weeks Taleban takeover of Kunduz (in German). He argues that it was a multiple propaganda victory for the insurgents: first, they showed that they can take an important provincial capital (for the first time since they fell from power); secondly, they forced their agenda on the US again, forcing President Obama to extend the deployment of troops in Afghanistan again; thirdly, they uncovered serious weaknesses of the government forces; fourth, they further undermined confidence in the unity government; fifth, they proved that the leadership change from Mullah Omar to Mullah Mansur has not hampered their military capabilities; and sixth, they even led the US forces in causing civilian casualties again (at the MSF clinic), showing the inbuilt risks of the continuing troop deployment.