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Kundus nach Bundeswehr-Abzug: “Wir dürfen Afghanistan nicht fallen lassen”

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Berliner Zeitung, 7 October 2013

Short interview with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig, drawing a balance of the German mission in northeastern Afghanistan (in German). Thomas says that the mission was not meaningless, but the expected outcome was not met, particularly in democratising Afghanistan, and that the over-emphasis on the military conflict hampered the civilian reconstruction, leading to “why Afghanisatn today looks like it looks: “The war is not over, violence has increased and the Taleban staged a comeback.” He adds that the military mission “has outlived itself” in the eyes of the Afghan population and that, after 2014, it is not sufficient “to push some money into Afghanistan” but, for example, “develop mechanisms to protect democratically-minded Afghans”.