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Kundus nach Abzug der Bundeswehr: Deutschland stärkte die Warlords

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Tageszeitung (Berlin), 12 November 2013

The Berlin-based daily reviews AAN’s report of today, Philipp Münch’s “Local Afghan Power Structures and the International Military Intervention”, what it calls “the first analysis after the withdrawal of the Bundeswehr troops” from the Afghan northeast. Germany has tried to stay neutral, author Sven Hansen concludes about the “sobering study”, which the population increasingly took as taking sides for the warlords. “The impression remains that an external military intervention has only limited capacities in supporting local forces when those are not disarmed”. The second article, by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig (with Lola Cecchinel and Gran Hewad as co-authors), about the situation in Kunduz after the German withdrawal, inclusing the militia problem, seems to be not online yet. (Both in German)



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