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Kommentar Nato-Abzug aus Afghanistan: Müdigkeit auf allen Seiten

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tageszeitung, 29 December 2014

Op-ed comment by AAN’sThomas Ruttig on the occasion of the end of the ISAF mission:

The end of ISAF leaved the Afghans a series of problems, some new, some exacerbated versions of old ones: among them the economic crisis that emerges now, with the ISAF-induced growth collapsing, and the continuing war that eats up development progress achieved. Afghanistan is a text book example how NATO has  militarised conflict reolution and sidelined the UN. The new NATO mission RSM is a continuation of the old technocratic concepts with less soldiers. It is unable to address core problems in Afghanistan. This needs to be recognised, but Afghanistan fatigue in western media, politics and public stands in the way. This is what needs to be overcome first.