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Kommentar Bomben auf Klinik in Kundus: Möglicherweise ein Kriegsverbrechen

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Tageszeitung, 6 October 2015

An op-ed commentary by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on the US airstrike on the MSF clinic in Kunduz, drawing parallels to a 2009 German-ordered airstrike killing scores of civilians, also in Kunduz: the intelligence failure (Afghan sources claiming there were [only] Taleban in the target area and the justification, namely force protection. He adds:

Afghan government representatives “often don’t know their own laws and international law – or ignore it. Insofar, the killed at the Kunduz clinic are the collateral damage of a strategy to fight the Taleban without sticking to the rule of law  zu bekämpfen. (There, in Afghanistan, western forces allow themselves to break law by illegal detention and listenin into the phone conversations of a whole population.) This strategy must be changed before the troop deployment is extended.