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Keine Geschenke für Kabul: Neue Doppelspitze Ghani/Abdullah präsentiert sich in Brüssel, London und Berlin

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Tageszeitung (Berlin)/Afghanistan Zhaghdablai, 5 December 2014

Guest article by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig at Berlin’s daily taz, looking at expectations from the London conference (no new pledges; reform signal of presenting new ministers missed). Struggle about new cabinet ongoing, although Ghani has set some signs with first non-ministerial appointments and first steps of renewing civilian and military provincial administrations in Helmand, Kunduz, Badghis, Nangrahar, Ghazni – with appointing an new Kunduz governor and reacting to latest Kabul terror wave by replacing the Kabul police chief.

The taz article is not online, but the link leads to an extended version on Thomas’ personal website Afghanistan Zhaghdablai.