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Karzai Is Planning to Be There for a Successor. Right There.

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New York Times, 5 October 2013

An AAN dispatch by Kate Clark and Gran Hewad is quoted in this article looking at President Karzai’s post-election plans by Matthew Rosenberg. He reports about the compound built for the outgoing president within the larger Arq area, looks at patronage networks and quotes former IEC chief Manawi (“no fan of Karzai”) saying that he is desperately needed to “help manage” the new president. Kate and Gran’s quote is about how the elections work: “For candidates, what matters ‘are your networks and allies, your “vote bank” ‘ — that is, your ethnic or regional base — ‘and how much money you can liquefy for the campaign,’ wrote Kate Clark and Gran Hewad of the Afghanistan Analysts Network in an essay published recently by the research group.”