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Karzai: Al Qaeda is a Myth instead of a Reality

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Khaama Press, 12 September 2015

The Kabul-based news agency, in what looks like an op-ed article, on ex-president Hamed Karzai’s latest statements on his disbelief about the existence of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan quotes AAN for some background (actually it was an excerpt from Bette Dam’s book about Karzai which AAN helped to publish):

According to an account by Afghanistan Analysts Network, in 1994 when the Taliban were emerging as a resistance force to bring an end point to the authority of warlords and the cruelty they were committing all over Afghanistan, Karzai with the intention of gaining power and influence among the group had supported the movement and lobbied among western embassies in Islamabad to support them. However, his position changed soon after the Taliban refused to appoint him as their representative in the United Nations.