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Kabul pushes Islamabad to rein in Taliban as insurgency rises

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dpa, 12 August 2015

The German press agency (in English) extensively quotes both AAN’s Kate Clark and Borhan Osman:

Kate Clark, a senior political analyst for the Afghan Analyst Network, said Mansoor is trying to look strong amid the criticism of his leadership. “Talk of ‘jihad’ is uniting. It boosts morale. Calling for negotiations would make Mansoor look weak and risk fracturing the movement,” she said on her blog. “Equally though, the attacks are part of a clear and consistent pattern of insurgent violence this year. The Taliban have been moving aggressively in many parts of the country and suicide and complex attacks are on the increase.”

On Anti-Pakistan voices in the Afghan leadership:

“What is new is that the diatribe now comes from President Ghani,” said Afghan analyst and political researcher Borhan Osman, whereas the president earlier “had caused controversy for his reconciliatory and cooperative tone towards Pakistan.” (…) “The attacks in Kabul have upped the ante,” Osman said. “Ghani has now expressed his discontent with what he calls Pakistan’s undeclared war against Afghanistan,” he said, calling the move a “new rhetoric.” (…)

“Some of what Islamabad can do would be considered in Kabul to be a step in the right direction. Pakistan can deny the Taliban the flow of supplies into Afghanistan,” Osman said. “But the question is: will Islamabad do it, and at what cost?”