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Isis stands to gain from Taliban crisis

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The Guardian, 10 August 2015

AAN’s Borhan Osman is quoted:

Borhan Osman, a Kabul-based analyst, said Omar’s demise leaves Isis with a rhetorical opening: “They showed some caution in describing the Taliban as a deviant group because of the huge importance of Mullah Omar as a symbolic jihadist godfather,” he said. “They are now talking about the new leader in very harsh language.”

(…) Osman described the Taliban fighters prone to joining Isis as “a very small segment”. However, he added, it is difficult to gauge why people join certain militant groups.

“If we look at who has so far joined Islamic State, they have not done so only out of ideology,” Osman said. Equally important factors have been opportunism, crime, grievances against the Taliban, or simple attraction to the Isis brand, he said.