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ISIS isn’t ravaging Afghanistan. But who wants to take a chance

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Catch News, 26 November 2015

In this refreshingly non-alarmist article scrutinising the scope of Daesh in Afghanistan, AAN’s Borhan Osman is extensively quoted:

According to Osman Borhan, an analyst at a Kabul-based Afghanistan analyst network, “however loosely you define the presence or activity of ISIS, it has not gone beyond a maximum six provinces since early this year. In two of those it has ceased to exist; those operating there are leaving for Nangarhar, the hub of ISIS activities, he pointed out.

“For the Islamic State to expand, it would need the movement of Afghan Taliban to break into a myriad of small groups that would then turn to Daesh to find ideological support. But this is unlikely at present.” (…)

“Nonetheless Afghan authorities seem to be exaggerating the phenomenon, which led them to report to United Nations experts earlier this year that Daesh were present in 25 provinces earlier,” said Borhan Osman.

“This is because Kabul needs foreign military and financial assistance as the Taliban insurgency intensifies. The government appears to be on an effort to attract the attention of the international community at a time when it is concerned about the situation in the Middle East.”