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ISIS attacks Shiites, but Afghans resist push to make conflict religious

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Christian Science Monitor, 5 October 2017

In this article about latest sectarian IS terror attacks in Afghanistan, AAN, from recent dispatches, and Obaid Ali are  quoted several times:

Shiite mosques have been targeted at least seven times since mid-2016, with five such attacks this year, according to a tabulation by the Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN). Among other non-mosque attacks, in July 2016 a suicide bomber struck a street protest organized by Hazara activists in Kabul, killing at least 80. (…)

 “For this reason the [Shiite] Hazara community … is the enemy because they are in the battleground, not in Afghanistan but in Syria, and also against Iraq, against ISIS,” says Obaid Ali, an AAN analyst in Kabul.

“The fight against the Shiite community is largely because of what they do in Syria, and fight alongside the Assad regime against ISIS.… This is very clear,” says Mr. Ali. (…)

“Indeed, attacks have been followed by calls on all sides for national unity and Muslim brotherhood. That includes the Taliban, who have condemned attacks against Shia worshippers and mosques,” wrote AAN.