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Is Afghanistan Waiting For The U.S. Election Before Starting Peace Talks?

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NPR, 18 August 2020

Kate Clark is quoted in this NPR analysis of how the Afghan peace process is faring and how US electoral politics might affect it – and affect Afghan politicians’ calculations: “The Kabul government does seem to be holding out for a Biden presidency.”

Yet a Biden win might not help, says the NPR report:

In a February interview with CBS’ Face the Nation, the former vice president said he had opposed the large numbers of troops sent by his and Trump’s administrations and believed “a very small U.S. presence” of “several thousand people” should remain in Afghanistan to deter ISIS or al-Qaida from establishing a foothold from which to attack the United States. He said he would bear “zero responsibility” if the Taliban regained control after the drawdown.

If foreign forces withdraw without a clear roadmap for supporting Afghan peace negotiations, “it would be catastrophic for the Afghan state,” says Clark. “There is no Plan B for Afghanistan as far as I can see from talking to officials in Washington. If the talks don’t work out, what happens next?”