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In Afghan election dispute, enter the DC lobbyists

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Christian Science Monitor, 14 August 2014

Article on the drawn-out Afghan elections extensively quotes from a recent AAN dispatch by Martine van Bijlert:

… as with the first deal, it didn’t take long for the wheels to come off. Martine Van Biljert [sic], a long-time resident of Kabul and researcher of Afghan politics, saw it coming. She wrote on August 9 that the slow recount process, deteriorating trust between the rival camps, and limited progress on what power-sharing would actually look like, made another crisis likely.

“It remains to be seen whether both candidates will continue to feel bound by this agreement, which will largely depend on the extent to which suspicions of foul play and insufficiently attentive monitoring are rekindled on either side,”she wrote. She also pointed out that completing the audit would take more than another month. Afghanistan’s original election schedule was for Karzai’s replacement to have been sworn in at the start of this month.

The article continues with another, longer quote.