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Implications of the Kabul Restaurant Attack

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Centre for International Policy Studies (Canada), 19 January 2014

The blog of the Ottawa-based institute picks up, among other sources, AAN’s take on this attack:

“The more immediate impact of Friday’s attack will likely be on the civilian international personnel in Afghanistan, as Kate Clark and Christine Roehrs of the Afghan Analysts Network [sic] point out. Unlike most Taliban assaults, which have targeted the offices of Afghan or foreign agencies, most of which are behind concrete blast walls and cordons of security, this one was launched against international civilians in a relatively unprotected location. As a precaution, the international institutions, non-governmental organizations and national governments who employ these people may place additional restrictions on the movements of their employees and contractors in Afghanistan, keeping them away from locations that are not heavily protected. If these new restrictions are more than temporary, however, they will be very bad news for the international aid effort in Afghanistan, which is still enormous.”


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