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ID Systems Fail Because Their Designers Have a Blind Spot: the User

< 1 min, 30 March 2017

Article that is part of the Omidyar Network “Identities Project” refers to AAN’s 2016 dispatch on the troubled history of the e-tazkera as “well-worth your time”:

Technology development is a constant tussle between the intentions and assumptions of designers and inventors, and the social contexts of the people who actually use their creations. (…) In Afghanistan, the e-Tazkira card is largely viewed as a good idea in theory, but there’s continual controversy over what kinds of personal information (ethnic, tribal, and more) should be included on each person’s card. (This extensive report from the Afghanistan Analysts Network by Jelena Bjelica and Martine van Bijlert is well worth your time if you’d like to know more.)