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3 Hut uprising marks first step against Soviet occupation’

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Pajhwok News Agency, 22 February 2023

In this article marking the anniversary of the 3 Hut uprising (February 1980) against the Soviet occupiers in Kabul, AAN research by Thomas Ruttig is quoted:

Thomas Rotig [sic], one of the founders of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, quoted one of the eyewitnesses as saying: “On the night of third Huat all the people came out to the roofs of their house and started shouting Allah-ho-Akbar, I still remember that most people infected with sore throat because they shouted a lot.”

The source added: “In the morning of that day, people took to the streets and demonstrated against the Soviet Union. In some areas, they attacked government buildings and took control of some police stations and armed themselves. Eyewitnesses say that the police surrendered their weapons to the people and joined them. Internal soldiers refused to shoot at the demonstrators.”