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How the Taliban governs itself

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TRT World, 27 September 2021

AAN’s Obaid li is quoted in this piece on the Turkish broadcaster’s website on the structures of the Taleban, on their Rahbari Shura:

“In some cases, the Shura is a consultation body. In some other cases, the Shura has different responsibilities and also some authority,” says Obaid Ali, an Afghan political analyst at Afghanistan Analysts Network. Among members, some will be more influential than others for various reasons, making “their views more acceptable to the rest of Shura members than others,” he adds. 

“It’s some kind of cabinet. We can say that it’s the cabinet of the Taliban movement but in a different format,” Ali tells TRT World. (…)

Mullah Omar established the Shura to restore and deepen the Taliban’s reach across Afghanistan, according to Ali.